«Quality, Tradition and Modernity.»

Welcome to the artisanal world of cava. Here, in the darkness, in silence, since 1915 our cavas have been made little by little, one by one. With nobility. With personality. Naturally its production is limited, the bottle numbered one by one, and only an exceptional harvest.

Each bottle of cava has the date of disgorgement printed on it, which is expressed as Juliana data.

For example, Lot L-4330, number 4, means 2014, and number 330, corresponds to day 330 of the whole year. Therefore they were disgorged at the end of the year, approximately on November 27, 2014 and consequently, our customer knows that he has a preferential consumption time of 1.5 to 2 years from this date. In other words, until the end of 2016, the cava will be in perfect condition to be consumed.

For several years now, Canals & Munné has opted for a new line of organic products, made up of Cava Dionysus Brut Nature Eco and Vino Blanc Prínceps Eco. It has been a great success in the current times we live in.

Canals & Munné is committed to tradition, territory and local culture, through the promotion of local gastronomy in our old cellar, transformed into a magnificent weekend restaurant.

Cavas Canals & Munné. Exclusive, as always.
“Quality, Tradition and Modernity”

Canals & Munné only produces Cavas Reserva and Gran Reserva certified by the DO Cava
(90% of the cava sector produces young cavas aged 9 months – white circle – Canals & Munné, they do not produce any bottles of this category).