Select the product you are interested in purchasing in the section of the virtual store, once you have checked its technical sheet and sale price. Then you must press the Buy button, and it will automatically go to the shopping cart, where you can indicate the amount of product you wish to purchase.


The shopping cart allows you to check the units of the products purchased and exchanged and / or delete an item. You can also know the amount of the selected purchase at the same time it is made. To continue shopping, just press the “Continue shopping” button and it will automatically go directly back to the virtual store page. To finalize the purchase, you have to press “Finish order” and in this way you access the “Your order” screen.


Here you must fill in your personal data (the fields indicated with (*) are necessary to complete your purchase), as well as your shipping address; in case it is different from the address of the invoice. If you wish, you can sign up to save time filling in your data in the near future. Regular customers of the company have a default password and password, which will be notified via email, telephone or fax in a timely manner.

The payment method will be:

CREDIT CARD: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA ELECTRON and all the cards of Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH). At this time it will connect to the secure server of the BSCH, so that the introduction of the confidential data will be secretly.

Note: There are other forms of payment exclusive to regular customers of the winery, such as bank letters, direct debits, bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.