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Welcome to the craft of cava making. Here, in the darkness and the silence, since 1915, little by little, our cavas have been created one by one. With dignity and with character. Our production is carefully limited and bottles are individually numbered since they only come from exceptional years.

Each bottle of cava has the disgorging date written in the Julian calendar. For example, Lot L-4330, nº 4, means it is from the 2014 harvest, and the number 330 relates to the 330th day of the year. This means it was disgorged at the end of the year, approximately 27 November of 2014 and so our customer knows that the best time for consumption is 18 months to two years from that date; that is, until the middle to end of 2016 the cava will be at its optimum level for consumption.
Several years ago, Canals & Munné decided on a new line of ecological products consisting of Cava Dionysus Brut Nature Eco and Vi Blanc Prínceps Eco. In the times in which we are living, this represents a great success.

Canals & Munné is dedicated to tradition, the land and the local culture through the promotion of local food in our antique cellars, transformed into a magnificent restaurant at the weekend.

Caves Canals & Munné. Always exclusive.
“Quality, Tradition, Innovation.”

Canals & Munné only elaborates Caves Reserva and Gran Reserva certified by the DO Cava
(90% of the cava sector elaborates young cavas of 9 months - white circle — Canals & Munné, does not elaborate any cava in this category).
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Old Cellar (Restaurant): Plaça Pau Casals, 6 08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (Barcelona)
New cellar (Visits): Ctra. de Sant Sadurní a Vilafranca, Km 0,5 08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (Barcelona)
GPS X: 41.419735 Y: 1.778241 Z: 166
Tel. +34 93 891 03 18 / Fax +34 93 891 19 45 / info@canalsimunne.com
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